Welcome to my webpage. Once again, it's gone under a rewrite. This one is quite a bit more active, and I hope to keep it that way.

Since I've finally learned about how google indexes pictures, I thought I'd put up one of my favorite pictures of myself: Jeremy Anderson, mugging for his cheapo digital camera

Putting a whole bunch of information about me seems terribly narcissistic. Let my posts on the main page (and archives, eventually) describe who I am. I live happily in the Minneapolis Metro area, driving my Geo Prizm and my Yellow Honda Interceptor. I like spending time with my lovely bride and my occasionally bloodthirsty dog. I'm still pissed off that TV networks put cranks like John Edwards on the air. How that guy can't get nailed for fraud is beyond me. He's just doing simple cold reading! Heck, I've seen people who are much better at it than him.

Wondering why the heck I'd write a big paper on serial killers? My undergraduate degree was in psychology. I am by no stretch of the imagination as authoritative an author as, say, an FBI agent. To be honest, I rather view that paper as an example of what Cliff English (of Luther College fame) called Armchair Scholarship. Have I ever met or interviewed a serial killer? Nope. But I read a bunch about them for a year or so. I poured a world of effort into that paper. Does the picture above invalidate the quality of my writing and research (Or indeed, of my expertise in general)? Perhaps if you're some sort of Stuffed-shirt, ambulance-chasing lawyer. Back to the paper: It is not exactly a scientific treatise, in that it does not present a way to disprove the thesis. I no longer do much reading in the realm of psychology, and none at all about serial sexual homicide. It's depressing.

If you're looking for an expert, my current field of expertise is really in Linux, Unix and Network administration. I've taught college-level courses in those subjects, and even written a book titled Multitool Linux. I may write another book someday, but I'd rather write fiction, I think. I've configured a wealth of Unix and Windows systems, and I definitely prefer Linux. I used to post my resume, but it's not really worth the effort. I've been quoted on WCCO, in a bunch of articles, and I've presented talks at security conventions. I've taught a lot of people how to use Linux, and I think some of them even enjoyed it.

I'm pretty much a Linux advocate, now. I use it for virtually everything these days. I'd put what I'm currently using, but I don't know how often I'll update this particular page. Besides, I'll likely blather on about various linux related things on the main page.

I have one final thought. While many would say that those who are willing to trade freedom for safety deserve neither, I have not necessarily found that to be true. I have found it to be a truism that those who trade freedom for safety soon have neither.