Transcriber's note: This document was manually entered from a photocopy of a typed document, written originally by an unknown author. Please forgive any typos. There was a picture of Laura Bjuge in this originally, but I do not have that image. Note that the author insists on referring to Carl Bergthor Bjuge as E.B. Bjuge. This may also be an error of transcription that happened before I got this document. I do not know anyone who has an original. If I find one, I will scan it. JDA



Mrs. Laura Bjuge
Born in Kristiana (Now Oslo) August 25th, 1872
Died in Cleveland, Ohio, April 13th, 1909

Mrs. Bjuge called Home:
 "Jesus is behind me."

As briefly reported last week, the Lord called Pastor E(sic).B. Bjuge's wife Home from Cleveland, Ohio, the 13th day of April, about noon after a week's illness of pneumonia, leaving brother Bjuge and five children (5) in deep sorrow.

Laura Bjuge, born Larson(sic), was born in Kristiana (Oslo) the 25th of August 1872 and was at the time of her death thirty-six (36) years, seven (7) months and eighteen (18) days.

On July 1883, she came to this country and settled in Chicago where she married Pastor E.B. Bjuge the 12th of June 1896. Besides our dear brother she leaves to mourn her passing 5 small children (4 girls and 1 boy), her parents, 2 sisters and 1 brother.

From a private letter we received a couple of days after her death from brotherBjuge, we give the following report that will give a little insight how true it is that the Lord gives strength and stamina according as the day is

Broth Bjuge writes:

O, brother, I have these last days gone through the hardest testing in my life. The Lord let me empty the bitter chalice to its bottom. My beloved wife was very sick, but we prayed and waited on the Lord to spare her life this time as He did for me a year ago, but the Lord dealt differently. He proceeded in accordance with His own will and wise counsel, and I have nothing else to say than: The Lord gave, the Lord took, and The Lord's name be praised. The heart is bleeding, but the Lord is mighty (and able) to heal this wound. One comfort we have today is that she went home to rest in Jesus. Her last audible words were "Jesus is behind me", - and when He is with us it will be well even through death's dark valley. His rod and staff comfort us even then. Yes, God be praised for that.

This far brother Bjuge's letter.

Brother Helmer Andersen, Bullman, as soon as he got the death notice, travelled to Cleveland and attended the funeral, and he writes the following:

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints" (Psalm 116:15).

What a privilege and joy to be with the friends in this Norwegian-Danish Independent Congregation in Cleveland, Ohio, at Mission Meetings and I had several happy days in the cozy home of our dear brother C. B. Bjuge. As before so also this timeour dear sister Mrs. Bjuge sought to make our get-together very comfortable (and happy) and I shall always keep those beautiful memories from my visits in this peaceful home as long as I am in this world. It was also good to be in the congregation in Cleveland because God blessed them with salvation of souls and they are sowarm to each other and for God's cause, so one can truly say of them: See how they love each other!

Again these days I have visited Cleveland and understand that the friends continue to have the warmth of God's love, but this time it was mixed with deep sorrow that brought pain to them and to us all, because one of the saints in their midst had been ordered home. Mr.s Bjuge has laid down her pilgrim staff and gone home to the land of rest. There were deep sighs that came forward by me and mine when I received the telegram last Thursday, the 15th of April about coming to Cleveland in connection with the departed sister's funeral because we had no idea that shewould depart so quickly from her loved ones and friends. However, the time for our departure is in God's hands, and for us, it is to be ready at all times. It is great comfort for our deat brother Bjuge who feels a deep loss of his wife, yes, it is also for relatives and friends a comfort that we will meet her again.

Saturday the 17th of April 1:30 P. M. a great flock of friends gathered in the house of sorrow to accompany the departed house of dust to the grave. There we had a brief devotional service by reading the Word of God by Rev. John T. Berry and yours truly prayed God's blessings on the assembly. After that we went to the Puritan Congregational Church on 58th Street and Franklin Avenue where a great crowd of friends had gathered. After we sang No. 46 in "Evangelie Harpe" (a Norwegian Hymnbook that was very popular at the beginning of the 20th Century) Nearer My God to Thee, Pastor Berry read words of comfort from holy Scripture in Englsh. Later yours truly read in Norwegian after which an English pastor prayed to the Lord. The choir in Pastor's congregation sang several songs in English after which Pastor Berry spoke very comfort-ing to the sorrowing about Him who can comfort everyone. Later yours truly spoke on John 11:25. After hymn-sing again prayer was made to the throne of grace by an American Pastor who with all the rest shoed a deep feeling for brother Bjuge and his family and relatives in their deep sorrow. Friends in Cleveland by their action revealed how much they missed the departed and how they loved their Pastor and all his (family). They had decorated the home and the church with pallms and flowers en mass and the fragrance reminded one of the most beautiful in life, namely to seek to bear one another's burdens at a time likethis. At the grave God's Word was read and prayer made to Him who is victorious over death. After the song No. 497 in "Evangeli Harpe" we parted from each other with the hope that we would meet our departed friend there where no sickness nor sorrow, nor death will reach us, but all these things are passed away. O   how good that Jesus is the Resurrection and Life, and that when we believe in Him even if we die we shall life. May then the Lord strengthen our dear brother Bjuge and the parents of the departed and siblings who are left behind. Jesus is coming soon, friends, and then all will be well for all who place their confidence in Him. Thank you for the gathering together, friends in Cleveland. It was good to have the spirit that can rejoice with those who rejoice, but also weep with those who weep. (Romans 12:15)

                         C. A. Helmer Andersen

Before Spring came she went where there is eternal summer, went to see the King in His beauty in an extensive land.

Blessed be her memory!