Okay, the movie Pi was pretty okay. I liked some of the tenets, but it plays fast and loose with Jewish mysticism. It's computing stuff is...well, humorous. Building a supercomputer from dumpster-diving? Suuuuuuure...

Anyway, at the LUG meeting the other day, I had my keyboard under bright lights for the first time in about 6 years. I had no idea how much stuff had gotten into it. It was rude, to say the least. Dog hair, fritos, doritos, skin flakes. Real yummy.

After cleaning a bunch of the junk out, I realized I couldn't get it all. I wished for a Happy Hacker Keyboard. But the fact is, those are pricey. I considered an Adesso keyboard (don't bother googling -- the company appears to have folded, and it's just a c1@lis scam site now), but those were still $30. The keyboard I have now came with the Acer P-120 I bought in Dec '95. And it's still working great.

The only thing was, it was filthy and too huge. Yeah, too big. I HATE numeric keypads. I never use them. And my keyboard drawer is just a bit too small for a 101/104/107-key keyboard + 3M precise mousing surface. What's a boy to do?

Strip off the casing, that's what. Now my keyboard is cleaner, smaller, and has that cutting-edge "I took off the cover" look. Rock on!

Removing the case shaved about 1.5" off the width, and a solid 2" off the height.

The keys depress a bit farther now, it seems. And the thickness of the keyboard is way down too.

As you can see here, it's quite thin now. I like it this way just fine. Because it's thinner, I can type for longer before my wrists start to act up.

Behold: The keyboard angers the dog.

Evil comes with no case, says Aggie:

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