I recently had reason to get my OS/2 system at work up and running with SSH...I don't trust telent, and we connect to lots of Unix boxes. The last thing I want is some cracker to sit with a sniffer and harvest my username and password. So, I did some research.

This wasn't easy, since OS/2 is, for all intents and purposes, a dead platform.

But, MindBright was kind enough to come up with a Java SSH client, which functions beautifully under OS/2. Here's how you make it go.

  1. Head over to MindTerm's Page and download the zip file with both mindtermlite and mindterm full.
  2. Make sure you have at least Java 1.1 installed on your OS/2 box
  3. Expand the mindterm directories to somewhere on a local drive
  4. Add the mindterm directory to the classpath statement in your config.sys file
  5. Start your app from the command line with 'java mindbright.application.MindTerm'
  6. Enjoy your secure connection.

Now, to actually get tunneling going, I've had to do some experimenting. It hasn't been entirely succesful. I still have not yet managed to get it to save my host settings, either. But here's what I've divined so far.

That should be what you need to get the xterm from the remote machine automagically up on your local display :)

NOTE: You MUST have the OS/2 Xserver or xfree86 up and running on your machine, or you'll get an error message, and you won't get the xterm displayed.

Good Luck

Thanks to the guys at OS/2 Voice for doing all the thinking for me, and putting up a longer version of these instructions at This Page.

Thanks to Mike Schwarz for help in actually getting it to run, and for help in configuring my X tunneling through regular ssh on my linux box at home.