Really, emailing me is quite simple: see the black text below? Send an email to that address.

If however, you have any concerns at all about security, encrypt it using my GnuPG public key, at I endeavor to answer my email as quickly as possible, but family and work tend to come before e-mail, so it may be a day or two before I respond. If it's been several days and you still have not heard, you may wish to resend the message. Clever subject lines also tend to get mail noticed more quickly.

My email address is jpeg image of the author's email address, jeremy at angelar dawt cawm. Note that I don't have a clickable thing anymore. I got tired of spammers harvesting my email address. You'll have to type it in manually now. Sorry!

If you're a spammer, send mail to: These Guys. Then please shoot yourself repeatedly.