Thanks for stopping by this page. My name is Jeremy Anderson, and my great-grandfather was Carl Bergthor Bjuge, born in Aker, Norway, in 1865.

This page exists because I want to know more about the Norwegian side of my family. My grandfather and great-grandfather did not see eye-to-eye, and so there was not a great deal of communication between them. We have few family stories from the Bjuge side.

Carl Bjuge (who also went by C.B.Bjuge), was a formative force in the Evangelical Free Church, and served at a variety of parishes in the Midwest (and briefly in Seattle), including Cleveland Ohio. Trinity Bible College has a CB Bjuge scholarship, and there is a picture and short chapter on him in the book With Singleness of Heart. He attended Carleton College, at Northfield, MN, and attended Chicago Theological Seminary. According to family lore, he read seven languages: greek, latin, hebrew, english, norwegian, and I presume swede, and think aramaic.

Carl Bergthor Bjuge was born 26 MAR 1865, in Vestre Aker, Oslo, Norway, to Andreas Iversen Bjuge (18 OCT 1821 - 3 JAN 1893) and Eline Marie Gulbrandsen (20 SEP 1841 - ?? 1878 ??). He was baptised on 2 JUL 1865 in Oslo. He shows up on the census of 1865 in Norway, but not the 1875 census (which are, as of yet, incomplete).

On September 8th, 1890, Carl Bjuge entered the USA through Boston, the ship Catalonia (original page), and he lists his profession as laborer. Family lore has it that he entered the country originally through Seattle. I found these entry records at This site also indicates when Carl returned to the states with his half-sister Hildur Amanda Bjuge, and she was headed to see relatives in Cambridge, MA.

On July 25th, 1900, Carl Bjuge entered the United States through Ellis Island, on the Majestic. He is listed as 35 years old, and his profession is listed as Ministry preacher Clergy (I guess the clerk wanted to be thorough). He had ticket #9, and lists Boston, MA (but Cambridge is written immediately below this) as his final destination. He had $57 and 1000 Kroner (sp?). His age is listed as 20 years old, according to -- but this is a transcription error, wherein the volunteer confabulated his entry and that of his sister Hildur.


Carl's first wife was Alida Laura Larsen, who passed away while he was minister of Bethel Church, at 5207 Franklin Boulevard, Cleveland, OH. She died on 13 APR 1909. Laura was born in Kristiana (Oslo), August 25th, 1872, and at the time of her death was thirty-six years and seven months old. Laura succumbed to Pneumonia on the 13th of April, 1909. She came to this country in July of 1883 (though family folklore holds that she came in 1878 or 1879), and settled in Chicago where she married C.B. Bjuge on the 12th of June, 1896 in Chicago, Illinois. She was survived by her parents, two sisters and a brother. --excerpted from the death announcement. This, however, is incorrect. I have since found that she was survived by almost all of her siblings:

If you are a relative of Alida Laura Larsen, I would also like to hear from you.

Carl was later married to Helga Christine Aarsrud, daughter of Johan Martin Aarsrud and Thea Heer, born October 26th, 1878 in Christiana, Norway. I do not know when they were married, but she passed away at the age of 41 years, 5 months, on April 10th, 1920. They had no children. She is buried at the Lakewood Cemetary at 412 Cedar Avenue, in Minneapolis. In 1919, Dr. Egilsrud operated for cancer of the descending colon, but found the condition (acute strangulation of the ileum) not connected or related to the case of death. I cannot make out the doctor's handwriting, but primary cause of death appears to be gangrene of the ileum, with general peritonitis listed as the secondary cause of death. No autopsy was performed. At this time, Carl and Helga were living at 2216 17th Avenue South in Minneapolis. She is listed as having lived in the United States for 12 years. She was treated at Deaconess Hospital. Helga Christine entered the United States on December 26th, 1907. She was 5'6" tall, fair complexion, light hair, and grey eyes. It is hard to read, but would appear that her occupation was Clerk, and that she could read and write. The ship was appropriately named The United States. Her nearest relative was her uncle Hans (though it looks more like Hus in the logbook) Heier, in Christiana, and her destination was Chicago, IL. Unfortunately, the Aarsruds do not show up in the 1875 census, and there are a fair number of them in the 1900 norwegian census--but no mention of Helga. I have found a Karen Dorthea Heier listed in the 1875 census, and this is the only Heier with any mention of Thea in it, but she was born in 1825.


Anette Gunhilde Marie Bjuge was one of Carl's half-sisters. She was born March 17th, 1879, fourteen years after Carl, and her death certificate lists her father as Andreas Eversen Bjuge (though the Norwegian census at this site lists Andreas' middle initial as I, so it is probable that the coroner mispelled her father's middle name), and her mother as Eline Marie Gulbranson. Her occupation is listed as Cook, for a private home, and she passed on July 5th, 1940. Carl vouched for the information on the death certification. Cause of death: Cancer of the right breast, with metastases to the lung. She is buried at the Crystal Lake Cemetary in Minneapolis, which is apparently at 2130 Dowling Avenue North. When Anette died, Carl was already living at the Welcome Avenue address. Dr. Kelby was the certifying physician. According to the death certificate, Anette was single, not widowed, so it is unlikely she had any children. Anette was treated at Fairview Hospital, Minneapolis. She was 61 when she passed. In the 1900 Norwegian Census, Anette Gunhilde Marie Bjuge is listed as a Kjokenpige (I believe this is a cook), living with 19 other women. If anyone can shed light on this, I'd appreciate it.

Eivind Andreas Bjuge went by Ed Bjuge, and when he applied for his social security card, he was living at 107 Cold???? Street, in Seattle Washington. He was born on September 28th, 1881 -- 16 years after Carl, in the city of Vestra, Aker county, Norway. His social security number was 536-18-3012. His mother's full maiden name was Gunda Caroline Hansen (sometimes spelled Karoline), and I assume Gunnar also had the same mother. He was christened on January 29th, 1882. He applied for his social security card on March 31st, 1941, and lists his last full-time employment as 1936, as a woodsworker Woods. According to family tradition, he was a lumberjack in northern Minnesota. He lived for a time with my grandparents, but eventually moved on. In the 1940 census, he was living with Carl Bjuge in Minneapolis. My grandfather always liked Eivind, and said he was an incredible gardener and groundskeeper. On his WW2 draft registration, he is listed as working for Harry Yamigami of Kennewick, Washington. He entered the USA on April 24th, 1903, on board the Aurania, out of Liverpool. He was 21 years old. He is listed as a Laborer, able to read and write, and from Christiana. Eivind had $5, and had never been in the USA before. Eivind was going to see his friend Alfrien (d or i) Joachaim? of Dover, New Hampshire. In 1900, Eivind appears in the Norwegian Census of 1900, but with his name spelled with the O with the / through it. He was living with Karoline, Borghild, Gunnar and Gunvor, in addition to R0nog Hagen and Anne Arnes. R0nog is listed as a L0sarbeiderske (translates to "Casual", and Anne Arnes is listed as "har Pension af Nydalens fabrikker". I do not know what those things are. Gunnar was shown as a worker at the Myrens farmstead. Borghild is a "Fabrikarbeiderske Nydalen". Eivind is a Hanskemagersvend Hall.ns Verksted" -- which kind of translates to "something Hall Repair shop" -- probably a mechanic. The family appears to have been living at a farm house (Vaaningshus) at Fredrie Glads Gade 18

Hildur Amanda Bjuge entered the United States via Ellis Island on the Majestic, on July 25th, 1900. She was born on 25 June 1880, and christened 4 July 1880. Her mother is Karoline Gunda HANSDR (or Hansdatter) She had ticket 00, and travelled in the company of Carl. She was single, and lists her occupation as servant, and is listed as being able to read and right. According to her entry, Carl Bjuge paid for her passage, and she had never been in the USA before. She was bound to see Johannes (?) or Johanna or Johanne Myhre in Boston, Massachusetts. I am happy to say that my dad has tracked down the descendents of Hildur (who married Carl Lindberg in 1921). I've even found cousins in Minneapolis descended from this line, but have been unsuccessful in my low-key efforts to contact them.

There is an Ole Bjuge who entered the United states August 23rd, 1849 via the ship Flora, at the age of 21, but I do not know how he would have been related to Carl. Given that Andreas Bjuge's birthdate is listed as 1821, it is more likely this is Andreas' younger brother (making him Carl's uncle), if he is related at all. Given the extreme rarity of the surname Bjuge, however, I find it unlikely that they would have been completely unrelated. here is the page listing that entry. My sister has suggested that Ole was a '49er who simply disappeared into the Wilderness, seeking his fortune. I sadly suspect she is right.

Gunnar Arnljot Bjuge entered the United States via Ellis Island, on May 10th, 1909, at the age of 23. His occupation is shown as Mechanic, and he is single, and able to read and write. He lists his nearest relative as his mother Gunda Bjuge, Glasdsage 18, Christiana. His final destination is was New York, NY. He paid for his own passage, and had $13. He had never been in the USA before. He wrote that he was headed for the Scandinavian Sailor's Home at 172 Carroll Street, New York (which is technically in Brooklyn). A swede by the name of Gunnar wrote about staying at the Scandinavian Sailor's Home in 1906--even detailing the breakfasts! (According to this post, the place was actually the Norwegian Seaman's Home, which was turned into condos in the '80s, and was associated with the Lutheran Church. Further research does tend to suggest that this is the case.) Gunnar was 5'8" tall, with light complexion, fair hair, and blue eyes. He travelled steerage on the Columbia. He must've been one of Carl's half-brothers. He was still living in New York city in 1930 -- apparently as a ward of the Manhattan state hospital. This is where the trail ends.

I found a list of emigrants from Norway and harvested the following information. Carl Bjuge left Norway the first time on August 22nd, 1890, and lists his destination as Chicago. The Agent was Blichfeldt, and there were 2 persons going, but it does not say who he went with. His desired occupation is "T.sess.". Anette Gunhilde Marie Bjuge left Norway on May 30th, 1902, at age 23, headed for Dover, New Hampchire (sic) Her agent was Bennett, and her desired occupation is "Praesteattest". Aagot Marie, age 33, left destined for Boston, agent M.R. Raffel. Gunnar Arnljot left April 24th, 1909. Occupation "mek.arb.", no age listed, but born November 1st, 1885. His residence had been Fredrik Gladsgt. 18 I, bound for New York, and had money of "40". His agent was Freberg & Kl0cker %Bennett%. His payment was "tj. penge", and his desired occupation was "udv.till." Finally, Annette Gunhilde Marie apparently returned to Norway, and left again on January 18th, 1927. Her occupation is shown as "tj.pike", and her destination is New York. Agent is Henriksen. That's the sum of all the information I could find. You can duplicate this search by going to

See the PDF at the end of the page for the listing of Carl Bjuge's relatives


He had four girls: Alyce, Bernice Eugenia, Florence and Margaret. He had one boy, Enock.

Enock was an extension agent in Minnesota, and had a tree farm. The Apple tree on my parents farm was a gift from Enock. In later years, he lived with his sisters Alyce and Bernice, at 4262 Welcome Avenue North, in Robbinsdale, MN. According to Ella Kringlund, county 4-H agent for Sherburne County, MN, Enock was directly responsible for the creation of Sand Dunes State Forest. At this time, Enock was the county Agricultural agent in Sherburne County (source: Enock also had a tree farm, and is mentioned in a CrossView Church sermon, which I have locally mirrored at this server.

Bernice was tall, thin, and very graceful. She passed away in 2001. She was a school teacher in Saint Louis Park for many years. During World War II, she also worked the night shift. Family stories differ here. One of my father's older sisters says that Bernice and Alice worked at the Federal ammunition plant, loading cartridges. My father says he remembers Bernice or Alyce telling him that they fitted Norden bombsights to B-17s. She graduated from Minneapolis South High School in June, 1922. She is erroneously identified as Margaret in her high school graduation photo

Alyce was shorter, also a school teacher and Rosie the Riveter. While Bernice was extremely proper (she never served jelly out of anything but a jellydish), Alyce knew how to have fun. She always teased a bit, but was a very sweet woman. She passed in 1993. More family legend has it that my uncle junior, who rarely visited home, would party with Alyce whenever he was in Minnesota.

Florence was also a school teacher, before she raised a family.

Margaret was the fourth daughter, and I know virtually nothing about her, except that she was physically the smallest of the sisters. She graduated from Minneapolis South High School in June, 1922. She is erroneously identified as Bernice in her high school graduation photo

Florence2 Aug 189925 January 1987
Alyce Josephine29 Oct 19013 April 1993
Bernice Eugenia15 Oct 19053 April 2001
Margaret15 Dec 190316 May 1967
Enock E.10 Aug 190710 May 1981

Andreas Iversen Bjuge and Eline Marie Gulbrandsen

Carl's parents were Andreas Iversen Bjuge born in Biri, Gj0vik, Oppland, Norway. In 1865, his profession is listed as schoolteacher. His mother was Eline Marie Gulbrandsen, and these names match up with the documents I have seen. Eline died before 1878, perhaps in childbirth. After Eline's death, Andreas remarried, wedding Eivind's mother on 7 November 1878. I think that Karoline Gunda Hansdattir may have been Eline Marie Gulbrandsen's niece -- her father is listed as Hans Gulbrandsen. I have been unable to complete this link, however. Andreas passed away on 3 JAN 1893. Karoline Gunda Bjuge was still alive for the census of 1910. In 1909, since Gunnar listed her as his nearest living relative. The documentation is unclear as to whether it is Karoline Gunda Hansen or Gunda Caroline Hansen, and the Caroline is alternately spelled with a C and a K. This appears to have been common among Norwegians

Andreas Iversen Bjuge and Berthe Baardsdatter

Much of Carl's Paternal side is listed in the Norwegian kirkeboks (church books). Through a bit of research, I've built this tree, and uploaded it in PDF format: Andreas Iversen Bjuge's pedigree, as of 2014, to 5 generations. Here is my older research, from 2011: Andreas Iversen Bjuge's Pedigree, to 4 generations. I'd love to have more data on distant cousins.

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